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How does the 60/40 child custody plan work?

Divorcing parents can choose from an unlimited number of shared child custody plans. Parents will need to review their work schedules -- and consider the needs of their children -- to decide which parenting plan is right for themselves and their families. One popular plan that some parents choose is known as the 60/40 plan.

Although it may seem like the 60/40 plan offers parents an unequal amount of parenting plan by its name, depending on work and school schedules, the amount of time parents actually spend with their children face-to-face could be very different. Let's look at two ways parents might organize a 60/40 arrangement:

  • The every-extended-weekend plan: This arrangement involves the child spending four weekdays with one parent, and a three-day weekend with the other parent.
  • The 4-3 plan: This plan simply involves the child or living three days with one parent and four days with the other alternatively. The split of days can fall anywhere in the week.

As referenced above, it's important for parents to analyze any child custody arrangement from the perspective of how much face-to-face time they'll actually have with their children. The every-extended-weekend plan, for example, will allow the weekend parent to spend a great deal of face-to-face time with the child even though the weekend parent receives fewer days.

Do you think that the 60/40 plan is right for your family? A Texas divorce lawyer can assist you in reviewing the different parenting plan options available to suit your needs and offer guidance to choose the most appropriate child custody arrangement.

Source: CustodyXChange, "60/40 Custody & Visitation Schedules: 2 Examples," accessed Sep. 01, 2017

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