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7 things to do before your divorce

If you've decided to get a divorce, there are a few things you should do before you set the wheels in motion on your proceedings. The list that follows is by no means complete -- and you may want to consider what you should do individually -- but this pre-divorce checklist will help you get started on the right track with your divorce planning.

Is it time for me to get a divorce?

The decision to separate from one's spouse isn't an easy one to make. What will follow will inevitably be life-changing, especially if children are involved. For this reason, spouses who are considering the end of their marriages may wish to ask themselves several important questions before calling an attorney and/or divorce mediator.

How does the 60/40 child custody plan work?

Divorcing parents can choose from an unlimited number of shared child custody plans. Parents will need to review their work schedules -- and consider the needs of their children -- to decide which parenting plan is right for themselves and their families. One popular plan that some parents choose is known as the 60/40 plan.

3 things your divorce lawyer knows

Houston divorce lawyers handle numerous divorces every year. That means they tend to be highly familiar with common situations that arise during divorce proceedings. In fact, you might think that a difficult issue is unique to your situation, but your divorce lawyer has probably seen a similar scenario numerous times before.

Texas introduces new way to enforce child support orders

Non-custodial parents are legally required, in most cases, to offer financial support to the custodial parents of their children. The child support obligations of the non-custodial parent will be laid out in either a court order or a court-approved settlement agreement. If the parent fails to pay his or her child support obligations each month, he or she could get in serious trouble with the law.

The issues with high asset divorce playing out with Pitt-Jolie

Going through a divorce is tough on anyone. After all, you're completely severing from the life you know and striking out into the unknown, which is one of the scariest things we can do as humans. For most people, the sordid details of the divorce remain a secret. For some, however, especially those in the spotlight or those with a degree of wealth, every element and every awful rumor becomes fodder for the public.

Uncontested divorce can work for some couples

An uncontested divorce can take place if both sides agree upon the basics of the divorce as well as other negotiations. This type of divorce saves both time and money for everyone involved because the court procedures involved are comparatively easy. The major issues in divorce cases are property, child custody, child support and divorce parameters. It is rare that both sides agree upon all these, but if they do, an uncontested divorce is the way to go.

Why legal help matters during a divorce

It is easy to think of a divorce and as a simple process. Some people think a disagreement between two spouses occurs (or maybe many disagreements build up over a period of time) and upon deciding to divorce, the legal process begins quickly and ends just as quickly. But the fact of the matter is, even in an efficient and timely divorce, it will take some time to resolve all of the issues involved. And it will also take some time for you to feel whole again.


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