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Consider the temperament of your child in your parenting plan

When divorcing Texas parents are creating a parenting plan together that dictates who the child will stay with and at what times, it's vital to consider the child or children's ages, life stages and temperaments. Obviously, a teenager's personality will be much different from a toddler's and your parenting plan should reflect this, as well as other factors relating to your children's stages of growth.

Let's consider babies and toddlers first. Infants and toddlers require frequent and regular contact with both parents. Young children do not have fully developed memories. As such, if an entire week passes between visitations, the baby or toddler could forget vital impressions and information about the other parent.

5 things to remember when you're getting a divorce

If you've decided to get a divorce, making that decision probably did not happen easily. It came after you considered all the possibilities and ramifications of what your future life will be like as a single person or single parent. Now that you've chosen to make your divorce a reality, there are several things you'll want to keep in mind:


Joint and sole conservatorship in Texas custody law

The end of a marriage is always a difficult event to face. It involves high emotion and puts every piece of shared property in question. But the greatest victims of the process are often children, who have no say in the proceedings and may not understand what is happening.

The word "conservator" highlights the rights and responsibilities of a parent under Texas law, instead of "custodian," so custody is called "conservatorship." The types of conservatorship are joint managing conservatorship and sole managing conservatorship.

Will I be able to keep the house when I divorce?

The longer we live in a particular residence, the more it becomes a part of us. Houston residents can definitely become attached to their homes. This is why dividing the family home during a divorce can become an emotional affair. If both spouses become obsessed with holding onto the residence, and there is disagreement about who will keep it, dividing the family home could result in a prolonged and costly divorce process.

The more you know about how residences are handled in Texas asset division cases, the better of you'll be in approaching the division of your residence. Here is what you should know:

Family law court: What to wear and how to act

If you're in the throes of a Texas family law dispute, you'll be facing a lot of unknowns. That's why you'll want a skilled family law attorney by your side to guide you along every step of the way. One thing, in particular, that you should ask your lawyer about is courtroom decorum. More specifically, what should you wear and how should you act?

When you go in front of a judge, you'll want to dress in appropriate attire. This means that you should only wear pressed, clean clothes that look neat and orderly. Men should wear pants, a collared shirt and a suit. Women should wear a skirt, dress, suit or pants -- but they shouldn't be too tight or revealing. Don't even think about wearing a t-shirt, shorts, sunglasses or hats in a Texas courtroom: they're not allowed. You should also avoid too much makeup, too much jewelry and over-the-top hairstyles.

When courts consider the best interests of your child

A Houston family law court will always seek to honor the best interests of your child -- first and foremost -- when making any child custody decision. The court will review a wide variety of facts concerning your child custody case, your family and your children to evaluate exactly what the best interests of your child may be.

Here is a list of common factors that a court will likely consider in your child custody case:

3 things your divorce lawyer knows

Houston divorce lawyers handle numerous divorces every year. That means they tend to be highly familiar with common situations that arise during divorce proceedings. In fact, you might think that a difficult issue is unique to your situation, but your divorce lawyer has probably seen a similar scenario numerous times before.

Here are a few things your divorce lawyer knows about ending a marriage that you might not have thought of before:

Taking an inventory of your art during a divorce

During a Texas divorce, you and your spouse will need to divide all of your valuable property. If you have amassed a large amount of art and collectibles during your marriage, these items will also need to be divided. Aside from art items that are nugatory, or of an extremely low value, it could be difficult to decide who keeps what.

You might choose to divvy up the pieces to go to you or your spouse based on the value of the times. But before you start the divvying process, you first need to know what you have by compiling a detailed list of items.

What powers does a guardian have?

Getting older in this country can be difficult. The elderly can lose mental faculties and have to rely on other for even the most basic things. They are often the targets of unscrupulous people who would take advantage of them financially. Many also end up outliving their retirement funds or have unexpected medical problems that leave them destitute. However, there are legal steps that can be taken to ensure that they problems they face are lessened or avoided altogether.

Texas introduces new way to enforce child support orders

Non-custodial parents are legally required, in most cases, to offer financial support to the custodial parents of their children. The child support obligations of the non-custodial parent will be laid out in either a court order or a court-approved settlement agreement. If the parent fails to pay his or her child support obligations each month, he or she could get in serious trouble with the law.

Enforcing a child support order has always been challenging for the Texas criminal justice system. However, a new way of enforcing child support orders could help. The state of Texas recently implemented a program that requires parents to be up-to-date on their child support payments before they can renew their vehicle registrations.


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