Changing Child Custody And Visitation In Texas

If you have experienced a change in income, are facing increased child raising costs, or perhaps moved to another geographic region, the terms of your divorce decree may no longer be fair. Fortunately, you have legal options. In Texas, you have the right to seek terms that are appropriate to your new circumstances. The legal term is a modification.

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You Can Request A Modification Of Child Custody Or Visitation Terms

In a modification request, you must demonstrate to the court that your new situation qualifies as a material and substantial change. If you pass that review, the court will evaluate your request using the same legal standards applied in your divorce proceeding. Specifically, it will apply the best interest of the child standard to custody modification requests, and apply the state financial guidelines to child support issues.

You Have Options Even If You Aren't The Parent

Keep in mind that any person who has custody rights under a decree may request a modification. You do not have to be a parent. We have helped grandparents and other guardians with these requests.

We Will Guide You Through The Request Process

Going back to court may be the last thing you want to do after a divorce, and for only minor deviations from the terms of the divorce decree, it may not be necessary. However, if you want to officially change your obligations regarding child custody or visitation, you must seek a new court order through a modification request.

If both parents agree to the modified terms, they can submit a written proposal to the judge for approval. If the order is contested, however, you will have to present your side to the judge in a hearing or trial.

Contact A Skilled Attorney Today

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