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Working to develop a positive co-parenting relationship

When parents in Texas decide to divorce, the end of their marriage doesn't bring an end to their need to work together to raise their children. It can be challenging to move from being spouses to being co-parents, but doing so successfully can help children emerge successfully and happily from their parents' divorce. At the heart of a positive co-parenting relationship is always remembering that the kids' interests come first, even when the relationship between the parents is full of pain and conflict. This means recognizing that each child's relationship with both parents is very important and must be protected.

Parents should continue to work together after their divorce to give their children a sense of stability. This can include common rules at both households. Of course, this does not mean that parents need to agree on minor issues; many times, conflicts over parenting choices helped to contribute to the end of the marriage. However, shared basic expectations about kindness or fulfilling academic responsibilities can be common between both parents' houses.

Things to consider before assuming a mortgage

Texas residents may be interested in learning more about assumable mortgages and how they may come into play during a divorce. The reason for interest in this topic is that there are very few things that are as difficult to agree on during a divorce as the family home. For most divorcing couples, their family home is the most valuable asset that they will divide. At the end of the day, compromises will need to be made. It is likely that one spouse will be granted control of the home in the settlement agreement.

Once this decision is made, a divorcing couple needs to decide what they are going to do with the mortgage on the home. In some cases, people may agree to keep the joint mortgage and have each party pay his or her part of it. For this to work, ex-spouses will need to trust each other. At any time, one party could decide that he or she is not going to pay the mortgage. This would negatively impact the credit of both parties.

Will you insist on a prenup prior to your second marriage?

Let's say you have a son and daughter from your first marriage. Jake will enter college next fall and Lisa will be a sophomore in high school.

You are going to marry again, and you want a prenuptial agreement to ensure your assets will be divided and your children cared for as you wish in the event you either die or the new marriage fails.

Pick the right real estate agent for a divorce home sale

There are several tips that soon-to-be exes should remember if they're selling a house in Texas while getting a divorced. For example, the real estate agent they select is critical. This is because selling a marital home during a divorce is not like a traditional sale. There are two individuals who are looking to end a relationship but are forced to work together to accomplish a mutual goal. This means that the real estate agent needs to have thick skin. They should be able to walk a fine line and not show favorites to either party.

Oftentimes, the real estate agent is called upon to be the voice of reason when the divorcing parties are in a sale-related conflict. The real estate agent must be neutral. They need to have the ability to view matters from a business point of view. It's never a good idea for the real estate agent to play the role of emotional counselor.

Technology changes how people interact after a divorce

Research has shown that the relationship between a parent and child has the greatest impact on a child's mental health after a divorce. Therefore, parents and children should be encouraged to develop that relationship by any means necessary. In some cases, this means Texas parents sending messages online or to a child's cellphone. While parents may not feel as if this is a great way to connect, the child will appreciate these efforts to reach out.

Allowing parents to communicate directly with their children can help the children feel cared for and loved. It can also reduce the chances that a parent will call or write but not actually get a message delivered to the child. In some cases, parents won't call a child at home because it means speaking with a former spouse as well. When parents are unable to communicate with their children, they generally know less about them.

Planning for a divorce

When saying their I-dos, no couple in Texas ever sees themselves getting a divorce later down the road, especially after vowing to spend the rest of their lives together and letting death be the only thing that parts them. Nevertheless, the fact remains that about half of all married couples end up getting divorced at some point in time, which means that couples are better off planning for the worst, regardless of what they might want to believe.

Bearing that in mind, a couple considering filing for divorce should mull a few things over first. To begin with, they have to ask themselves whether a divorce is really the right choice for them. After all, divorce can be an expensive endeavor. However, if the couple has its heart set on filing, then they should do their research: For instance, given that each state has different laws with regards to divorce proceedings, the couple should be aware of the laws that will be governing the dissolution of their marriage.

Study finds multiple factors lead to some divorces

Too much conflict, disagreements over religion and getting married too young may all be reasons that some couples in Texas get a divorce. The National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted a study of 52 people and asked what factors contributed to their divorce as well as whether the divorce was caused by multiple factors or whether there was one "final straw."

For example, while three-fourths of respondents said a lack of commitment was a factor in their divorce, infidelity was the last straw in the largest number of divorces. More than half of respondents cited infidelity as a factor, but nearly as many said an inability to resolve conflict was an issue. Some respondents said they had married too young while others said financial problems contributed to the divorce although it was not the main reason. Substance abuse was a last straw for 12 percent of participants and was a factor in one-third of divorces. Nearly 25 percent of respondents said domestic violence played a part.

How to prepare for family court

Although 2019 just started, many couples have begun to file for divorce around Texas. Some cities are more prone to divorce proceedings than others. Recent statistics show that Alpine, Rusk, Rockdale, Bonham and Atlanta have the highest divorce rates in the state. 

No matter how amicable the divorce may seem, contentious issues that couples need to resolve in court usually exist. You need to decide upon issues ranging from child custody to paternity. Regardless of which side you fall on, you want to be ready for when your day in court comes, and that means being aware of how to dress and behave. 

What Texas law says about guardianship

Certain family issues may result in a Texas resident being appointed a guardian. Those who are under the care of a guardian are known as wards. Generally speaking, seeking guardianship is an option of last resort. This is because it can result in the ward losing key rights. Prior to asking a judge to appoint a guardian, it may be possible to appoint or hire someone to manage an individual's finances or help make health care decisions.

A person could be a ward either temporarily or permanently depending on if their condition improves. The process of seeking guardianship starts by filing an application with the appropriate court. Once the paperwork has been received, a hearing will be scheduled. After the hearing, the judge will decide if an individual needs to have a guardian to protect their best interests.

Studies examine how attractiveness can affect a relationship

When people in Texas decide to marry, there are many factors that may draw them together. For example, couples are often physically attracted to each other as a major spark for a romantic relationship. While each person has an individual sense of attraction, social standards of beauty and attractiveness may influence not only how people feel about themselves and others but also how well they function within a relationship. Some researchers have investigated how well couples with a presumed disparity in attractiveness manage in a marriage.

People who are more widely considered attractive often receive higher levels of attention on dating sites as well as in bars, clubs and other venues frequented by people seeking romantic or sexual connections. According to some researchers, most people wind up in relationships with people considered similarly attractive to themselves based on social beauty standards. Some studies found that women who say that their partners are much less attractive than them are likely to be less committed to the relationship and more open to flirtation with others. Of course, given that this research relies on self-reporting, it may simply reflect disinterest or a personal lack of attraction, both of which can contribute to unhappiness and divorce.

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