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Relationships Aren't Always Logical

About half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. While some exes in Texas may have had good reasons to end their relationships, not all marriages end for logical reasons. For instance, one woman filed for separation because her husband got the wrong present for her birthday. Another decided that she didn't like the fact that her husband got drunk at the wedding and filed for divorce after the honeymoon.

In one internet forum thread, attorneys have shared some of the most irrational reasons their clients have filed for divorce. Other petty reasons for ending a marriage included a dog that urinated on the floor and a husband who left his wife because she chewed too loud. He said that it made it unbearable to eat and caused him to develop mental health issues. In some instances, a person decided to end a marriage for reasons that were both strange and logical at the same time. For instance, one husband filed for divorce because his wife wouldn't allow him to bring a loaded gun into their bedroom for use as a "marital aid."

Another couple got divorced after the wife cheated on her husband with a 15-year-old boy. The husband was the child's baseball coach while the child was her son's friend. Ultimately, it's important to understand that nobody is perfect. Therefore, it generally a good idea to think carefully about getting married before the wedding instead of after.

A divorce may have a significant emotional and financial impact on an individual. However, a divorce attorney in Katy can help a client through the process of ending a marriage. Legal counsel may be able to review financial documents or other records in an effort to negotiate a favorable settlement for the client. An attorney could also assist with child custody or child support matters during or after a divorce.