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Divorce Considerations for the Summer Months

People in Texas may be more likely to divorce in the summer months. There are a number of factors that may contribute to the spike, including the increased family togetherness that comes along with holiday trips and school vacations. According to research, divorce filings are most common in August and March. Some note that couples may notice more problems in their relationships when they go through more togetherness, whether during summer trips or the winter holidays. Others note that summer vacation from school allows kids' schedules to be rearranged with less disruption when parents separate.

Even if they are not sure they want to divorce, people in troubled relationships may want to make sure that they are prepared. Divorce is a legal and financial matter as well as a personal and emotional separation. This means that having key documents in place and advance planning can be important to emerging successfully from the end of a marriage. Some of the important paperwork that people may want to collect include tax returns, credit card statements, phone bills, retirement account statements and real estate documents. When only one spouse handles financial matters, the other may face severe disadvantage and confusion when moving toward a divorce.

The summer season can also be a time of reevaluation for people who are unsure about their next steps. They may spend time to think about the potential of their relationship or even enter counseling. Discernment counseling is a particular type of couples' therapy designed to help people decide whether they should remain married or separate.

The financial impacts of divorce can linger on long after the emotional elements of the end of a marriage has ended. A family law attorney might represent a spouse throughout the divorce legal process, including negotiating a fair settlement in the areas of property division, spousal support and other matters.