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Marriages May Fail for Surprising Reasons

Entering into marriage is typically a time of great optimism with looking forward to a long, productive, and happy life together. Most Texas couples are likely aware that statistically, many marriages do not endure for the long run but are convinced that divorce is what happens to other people. As much as many people believe divorce cannot happen to them, the underlying cause of the rift between the respective parties may be even more surprising.

There are some obvious issues that can arise in a marriage that place an enormous strain on the couple and are likely to lead to a break-up. Domestic violence, substance abuse, and infidelity inevitably prove to be all but intolerable. Regular and ongoing financial struggles can also prove toxic to the well-being of a relationship. However, family relationship experts point to one cause that most couples typically don't worry about as leading to a large number of break-ups.

In what many may see as a positive rather than a negative causing friction, the issue that many couples cannot survive occurs when the woman in the marriage begins earning more than the man. While statistically in the minority, more and more women are winning the battle for gender equality at work. When this happens after a marriage has begun, the husband in many cases becomes resentful and jealous, and perhaps most importantly, does not increase his share of help with domestic chores to offset his wife's increased work responsibilities. Many couples simply cannot overcome this hurdle.

Sometimes a decision to move forward with a divorce is the best one for everyone concerned. If so, there are important legal decisions to be made that will impact lives moving forward. An experienced family law attorney can provide counsel to help protect the rights of the individuals involved.