Protecting The Rights Of Texas Fathers

In Texas, family law courts have kept up with the changing demographics of American workplaces and families. Child custody determinations no longer presume that the mother should be the sole custodial parent, or managing conservator. Today, the presumption is that a child will benefit from the loving and supportive influence of both parents as joint managing conservators. This is just one example of the rights that fathers have under Texas family law.

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Fathers Are Entitled To Time With Their Children

Of course, it may not always be possible for both parents to share joint legal custody due to the constraints of their work, scheduling or other lifestyle factors. Yet, even if you are the noncustodial parent, you have a legal right to spend time with your child. In Texas, this is called access and visitation.

Establishing Paternity Will Ensure Your Legal Rights

You also have rights if you are an unmarried father. By legally establishing paternity, the court will grant you custody and visitation rights similar to the divorce process. You can do this by submitting an Acknowledgement of Paternity to the court, signed by both parents. If one parent won't cooperate, you can also seek a court order. Establishing paternity is also a way for an unmarried father to prevent his child being placed for adoption.

Helping Fathers Understand Their Rights Regarding Child Support

You also have rights concerning your child support obligations. Although child support obligations typically attach to the noncustodial parent, the noncustodial parent also has a right to open a child support case. In Texas, legal guidelines establish each parent's financial obligations based on their net income and the number of children. If your financial circumstances change, you can request a modification of the court order, perhaps lowering the amount of your monthly payments. However, you generally will not be completely relieved of your child support obligations, even if you are not working.

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