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Pick the Right Real Estate Agent for a Divorce Home Sale

There are several tips that soon-to-be exes should remember if they're selling a house in Texas while getting a divorced. For example, the real estate agent they select is critical. This is because selling a marital home during a divorce is not like a traditional sale. There are two individuals who are looking to end a relationship but are forced to work together to accomplish a mutual goal. This means that the real estate agent needs to have thick skin. They should be able to walk a fine line and not show favorites to either party.

Oftentimes, the real estate agent is called upon to be the voice of reason when the divorcing parties are in a sale-related conflict. The real estate agent must be neutral. They need to have the ability to view matters from a business point of view. It's never a good idea for the real estate agent to play the role of emotional counselor.

The Realtor a divorcing couple chooses can make or break the sale. Therefore, it's important to be selective. While the market helps determine the sale of the home, the fact remains that some Realtors are more successful than others.

There are many advantages to selling a home during a divorce. For example, the money that comes from the sale can be used by each party to cover expenses associated with starting over. However, it's important for the partners to collaborate in a mature manner.

A divorcing spouse who has questions about property division laws, determining the value of their assets and what to do with joint accounts may speak with a family law attorney. Legal counsel could provide guidance on how to deal with the financial matters associated with the divorce. They may also be able to help the client address other legal challenges that arise during the separation process.