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Will You Insist on a Prenup Prior to Your Second Marriage?

Let's say you have a son and daughter from your first marriage. Jake will enter college next fall and Lisa will be a sophomore in high school.

You are going to marry again, and you want a prenuptial agreement to ensure your assets will be divided and your children cared for as you wish in the event you either die or the new marriage fails.

Prevent divorce arguments

Perhaps you did not have a prenuptial agreement with your former spouse and the property division phase of your divorce was long and bitter. You are therefore determined to have an official contract the second time around. You should list all of the assets you have, even your rare wine collection if you want the prenuptial agreement to protect them all.

Avoid discord among heirs

If you pass away during your second marriage, there is always the possibility of a dispute among heirs if there are any document loopholes. Provide your attorney with complete financial records plus records of separate property. Do not forget to include personal items. For example, you might have a gold watch that you would like to pass along to your son. There will be less chance for future legal entanglements if you craft a detailed prenup.

Protect everyone's happiness

There are several tools for you to consider if estate planning is of interest to you, and the prenuptial agreement is one of them. It is an especially good document to have in terms of protecting the financial future of children you have from a previous marriage. You do not want any misunderstandings as you enter the second union. Please remember that these contracts usually stand up in court, so you and your intended must both be fully aware of what you are signing. Once you complete the prenuptial agreement, you can relax and enjoy planning your wedding.